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Can I subscribe to just one video clip?
Yes! You can subscribe to just a single clip for $0.99!
You can also subscribe to any category at any category level.

I want to import the video clips into a 3D program.
Can I download videoclips?

Yes! You can download any clip for $0.99 after subscription.
Our download includes both .mp4 clip and image sequences.

Do you guys offer multi-user accounts at the institution level?
Yes! We offer an affordable group package for the entire school.
Please contact us for more information. (800) 886-9907

Do you offer student discounts?
Yes! We offer 20% discount for students and educators.
Please send us two pieces of info: student ID, schedule, and
enrollment info to:

About Us

Dear Friends,

Nature is an extraordinary stage and we are the audience to a cast of amazing animals. We are intrigued by the way creatures interact, behave, and move about. The colors, textures, and shapes that make each species so unique continuously astound us.

Sharing these experiences, our observations and studies, is the passion of Rhino House. We love what we do and are proud to inspire artists to produce extraordinary artwork... to create their own stage, characters, and story. We invite you to the new Online Motion Show Series.

John Kim,



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A Video Reference Studio created by Animators
for Animators!
The Animal Motion Show
We are the creators of the Animal Motion Show!
Our References and Tools are used by Schools & Studios Worldwide.
Our Powerful Video Player is designed for Animators & Instructors.
Study any Clips Frame-by-Frame!
We offer two products with teaching Animation in mind.
A vast library of video references and video player for Animators.
The Human Motion Show
Rhino Player 2.0 has arrived!
A cutting edge video player for animators & teachers.

Rhino House Video Player

Rhino House Motion Study Tools

Home of the Motion Show Library

Home to thousands of carefully organized motion clips. Study animal & human motions from various angles and levels of detail. All from one convenient Library and with one powerful Video Player!

Browse the Library
for Free Clips!

Top Video Player Tools

  • Use grid, guides and onion skin to measure.
  • Slow Motion and Fast Motion play back
  • Bookmark key frames
  • Trim videos! *NEW*
  • Thumbnail marked frames
  • Draw on videos! *NEW*
  • Load your own videos *NEW*
  • Export image sequences
  • Auto-Save your bookmarks and ranges *NEW*
  • Load Youtube videos *NEW*
  • Hot Key driven
    • Frame-by-Frame study using left & right keys
    • Spacebar for play and pause
    • Bookmark key frames with the Up arrow
    • Flip through key frames with , & . keys
    • Bookmark frame ranges with the Down arrow
    • Flip through frame ranges with [ & ] keys
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